Saturday, May 13, 2006

Once more the fish wrapper shows its true colors.

Roses & Thorns

# A THORN: To ourselves, for not passing out the blame properly in last week's thorn when we improperly credited a radio talk show host for organizing an anti-immigration rally on Cinco de Mayo. The event was organized by a coalition of members from the Constitution Party of Missouri, the Missouri League of the South and supporters of the Fair tax. We should have included them in our thorn, and now we do.

Here once again the majority of people are being labeled as anti-immigrant. Hey snooze loser get a clue, most people aren't getting angry at people that immigrate here LEGALLY. The problems come in when people commit a misdemeanor entering the country illegally then the felonies occur when they use forged documentation to get jobs in the U.S.

If the editorial board could possibly pull there collective heads out of their arses long enough to breathe fresh air they might actually get a clue.

To the editorial board;

Article 4 section 4 of the U.S. Constitution, read it, learn it, comprehend it, then write stories on HOW the federal government is failing in there Constitutional duties. The founding fathers realized how important the freedom of speech is, but I would bet they believed the news medias job was to report the truth.
Your advertisement to get on the editorial board proclaims you must back up your assertations with facts, I guess the current board didn't have to meet that obligation.

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