Sunday, May 07, 2006

When governments overstep there authority

Is this possible? Some will tell you that our elected officials have the authority to do as they wish, after all we gave them the power through the ballot box.
In the private sector when an employee doesn't perform they end up losing their job.

What happens in the public sector? These people are given extreme job security and the voters have many loopholes that must be jumped through in order to get rid of incompetence.
Our very own city council has turned on the wishes of the people an instituted a ban on PitBull dogs. I've already written a blog that deals with this issue but now the voters are circulating a petition to get this measure on the ballot.
Eight members of a city council went against 50+ citizens of this city to show them who was the boss of the city.
Eight members passed an ordinance and it will require I believe 4000 signatures to get this measure placed on the ballot. Just doesn't seem right does it?

Are 'Pit Bulls' Naturally Aggressive Towards People?
Well, many of the fanciers of the breed would yell out a resounding, "No.", in spite of the fact that 'pit bulls' kill more humans than most of the other dog breeds combined.
"Oh, no. They were bred to be friendly towards humans." is the mantra one will often hear repeated. This idea flies in the face of the statistics. No other "breed" (although the term 'pit bull' is generally considered to be a group of breeds) has killed as many Americans as have 'pit bulls'. (NB: We have not yet confirmed an unprovoked dog-related fatality in Canada officially attributed to a 'pit bull'.)
Does this mean that 'pit bulls' are inherently dangerous towards people? Even if we believed all the myths about 'pit bulls', the statistics still point to the fact that only a tiny percentage of the 'pit bulls' in society are ever involved in biting incidents. For instance, if there are at least 50,000 'pit bulls' in Canada, and we theorized an astounding 25 'pit bull' attacks, that would still mean that 99.9% of 'pit bulls' are never involved in attacks. Surely 99.9% of a population shouldn't have to pay the price for the transgressions of such a tiny minority.
So, are 0.1% of 'pit bulls' inherently aggressive towards humans? No, again. Even those 'pit bulls' that have been involved in serious biting incidents can be rehabilitated through responsible ownership and ethical training techniques. Only those who have never been successful at re-training dogs believe it can't be done. (Read about Dr. C. W. Meisterfeld's documentary, "The Unique Nature of Man's Best Friend: Rehabilitated 'Pit Bulls'")

Breed specific legislation isn't a very good idea and neither is trying to define a vicious breed. Back in the 70's most people were terrified of Doberman Pinchers, to the extent that Hollywood bought into the hype an made quite a few movies with these killers dogs as the stars.
The 80's brought us to German Sheppard attacks;

"Children: Children are okay providing no roughhousing or chase games are permitted. Young children should ALWAYS be with an adult and NEVER left unattended with ANY dog.

This breed makes a great family pet when properly trained, and will love and protect your children almost to a fault. It can be suspicious of your children's friends, which could lead to a biting incident if the child shows fear or flight.

Other animals: The Shepherd may want to chase small animals, cars, bikes, joggers and may be dog-aggressive. It is essential to train and socialize a Shepherd with people, other dogs and all household pets".

The next link will take you to an actual website that talks about the different breeds of dogs that have been known to attack. From your lovable Pomerian to a Chihuahua, and and all dogs or most animals for that manner can attack and damage someone.
Like normal the city council knees jerked and without thinking of the better good of the city they done what was best for the city council.

I choose not to let government think for me, which is why I won't vote for a republican or democrat.

Tom Martz
candidate for the 139 district

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