Friday, April 28, 2006

Paying homage to the American taxpayer

On April the 17th I joined others here in Hammondsville with the 'FairTax" rally. I arrived about an hour early so I could get set up for the petition drive to have the city audited. We gathered a few signatures in our effort to bring accountability to our elected leaders.

What I found amusing about this day was the worker ant mentality of the people as they circled the driveway to drop off the tax returns. There was no hostility towards one another and everyone was much maligned about getting in line for their turn at the dropbox. Apparently the government school system has done a rather well job on teaching conformity. On a day when aggression should've been at an all time high the population was rather well mannered.
To a degree I find this trend a little bothersome, has the population become so complacent that handing over 20% or more of your income is considered something that should and has to be done?

Have we become compliant to the HUGE leviathan(GOVERNMENT)?

In watching the display before me I wonder if the GREAT men and women of yesteryear would've had this attitude if government took almost half of what they earned?

Some people jump up and down and hollar and scream to get the attention of people. These types of people are in all political parties. Many people call these types "activist" and the sheer mention of that name has people backing away from the label because of the negative connotation.
We as citizens of this country can only redress government in this manner since trying to evict a sitting member of Congress has almost become impossible if not improbable.
When "we the people"become informed of what government is doing to us and then turn that anger towards our elected officials at the ballot box then we the citizenry will regain the "power" assured us in the Constitution.

With government in control of educating the masses have the people lost the will to fight for what is RIGHTFULLY THEIRS.
Is the endless bickering amoungest the two political parties bringing about an end that people are aware of what their representative is doing? So many people vote the party line with no regard to whether that individual person agrees with their ideology, that we are no longer a nation of individual ideas.

Tuesday, April 25, 2006

Who said we have a representative government

In one corner we have the owners of a dog that has been deemed to be vicious.

You already have guessed who is in the other corner "City Government."

On the night that this topic came up on the city council docket there were over 50 people present to speak against this proposed ordinance, while the people in favor of this ordinance could be counted on one hand.

I don't know anyone that has a Pitbull that has attacked anyone, however we have had attacks in this city which got widespread attention with all the news media coverage. The last attack was an unattended child that had wandered off and into the back yard of the dog. I don't blame the dog for attacking the child since the dog probably assumed that the child was intruding into an area that it didn't belong in.
There will be those that will say the dog should've known that the intruder was only a child and the dog should've never attacked.
I wonder why the dog is at fault and not the parents that left their child unattended and unsupervised?
I'm not an uncompassionate person but I do believe there is enough blame in these stories to go around.
I've seen Pitbulls be as gentle as any other dog, and I've seen chihuahua become obsessed with attacking people, and yet these dogs are never labeled for RFiD chips.
As a citizen of Springfield, I'm sorry to say if I owned a Pitbull at this point I wouldn't lawfully turn over my dog to government.

Pitbulls are chipped today and should I dare say juvenile deliquents will be next in line?

City embarks on pit bull PR campaign

Along with a litany of requirements, the dogs must be registered annually.

News-Leader staff

Springfield's new pit bull ordinance goes into full effect Oct. 16, the city announced Monday.

But the Springfield-Greene County Health Department has already begun a public information campaign about the new requirements for pit bull dogs living inside the city limits.
According to the ordinance, city residents may keep pit bull dogs within the city limits only if they follow these regulations:

# Pit bulls must be registered annually with a $50 fee.

# Pit bulls must be vaccinated for rabies.

# Pit bulls must be spayed or neutered.

# Pit bulls must be microchipped.

# Pit bulls must be kept in a secure, fenced enclosure while on the owner's property.

# A sign at least 8 inches by 10 inches that reads "Pit Bull Dog" must be clearly displayed at all entrances to the owner's property.

# When off the owner's property, the pit bull must be leashed and muzzled.

# Owners must notify authorities within five days if the pit bull is lost, stolen, dies or has puppies.

# New litters of puppies must be registered following the same guidelines, in order to stay within the city limits.

The Springfield City Council approved the new law April 17.

Starting June 5, pit bull owners can begin registering their dogs with the city's health department, by appointment only. Scheduling for appointments begins May 15.

The appointments will take place at the Springfield Animal Shelter, 4002 N. Farmer Ave.

Dogs may be microchipped by health department staff, unless the owner provides proof the procedure has already been conducted by a veterinarian.

For more information, call the Pit Bull Information Line at 864-1166 or visit

For a more common sense approach to government


tom martz

Monday, April 24, 2006

What makes a good candidate

I hear all the time people complaining about the lack of good candidates to run for school boards, city councils and the like.

I wonder what makes a good candidate?
could it be the little letter representing the political party at the end of their name?

We have some here in town that believe a good candidate has a "r" after their name. Most of our city council and school board members and the city leaders carry this "r" moniker, but yet the people still complain. I thought this is what they wanted someone with an "r" after the proper name.

I live in an area that is heavily populated with republicans and yet our city leaders are doing their damnest to allow the good ole boys network to prosper here in John Q Hammondville, and they do this with the acknowledgement of the democrats.
I'm sorry to say but the elephant and jackass has merged to become a premier spending socialist idealog. There is no TRUE difference between the two.

Both parties use subsidies to pay for the votes of voters.
Both parties spend money by the fistful then blame the other party for HUGE deficits.
Both parties proclaim to be in favor of the 2nd amendment(to an extent).
Both parties claim to be the party of the average joe, but when joe isn't paying attention they steal him blind.
Both parties proclaim to be in favor of the 1st amendment(to an extent).
One party wants religious beliefs to be taught by government educators, while the other party proclaims there is "a seperation of church and state" in the constitution.

Neither party understands;
The Tenth Amendment provides that powers the Constitution does not delegate to the United States and does not prohibit the states from having are "reserved to the States respectively, or to the people." The phrase "or to the people", somewhat puzzling as to its applicability, was included to prevent this clause from overriding limitations on State powers within the States' respective constitutions.

The people through the process of government education clearly have forgotten that we as a country are a representative republic and not a democracy.
Listen to our selected leaders both "left" and "right" and to a man or woman narily a one will mention that this country is a representative republic and it was set up this way by the founders of this nation so the people would retain the power of government.
A Google search of political speeches containing the word democracy will garner over a million hits.
It's your country and it is your choice to how we as a country are going to continue, I hope that many of you wake up in time.


for the betterment of all missourians.

tom martz