Friday, October 13, 2006

comparing records

Shane Schoeller:

"Shane's professional background encompasses Missouri state and federal politics focusing on grassroots organization and fundraising. After graduation from college he has had the opportunity to engage his efforts in both political campaigns and officially elected offices. He has worked in the campaigns of Ashcroft for Senate in 1994 as a field representative, Bob Dole for President in 1996 as political director for Southwest Missouri and Blunt for Congress as the campaign coordinator. These opportunities allowed him to then go on to work in an official role as a field representative for Senator John Ashcroft and Senator Kit Bond, Legislative Assistant for Congressman Roy Blunt, Chief Administrative Aide to Secretary of State Matt Blunt and Chief of Staff to Speaker Pro Tem Rod Jetton in the Missouri House of Representatives who is now the Speaker of the House. In these various capacities Shane organized grassroots campaigns and political rallies, helped in the drafting of legislation and directed legislative services."

Jamie Schoolcraft:

"There are five things that a representative should try to ensure for everyone they represent. Affordable health care, a quality education, a good paying job, shelter, and food. As your State Representative, I would fight everyday to ensure that everyone in the 139th and across the state has these essential tools to be a productive member of society. Most of the elected officials do not know what it is like to be poor and to struggle to meet the bills. I remember what it is like and I won't forget. I will think of those struggles every time before I vote."

"I don't believe in handouts. I believe in empowering everyone to lead the life that we all dream of. You and I together can make a difference. We can change the lives of thousands of Missourians who feel they are facing insurmountable odds. We can truly make life better for those around us. It is going to be a long hard road but we will prevail. Thank you so much and God bless."

Tom Martz:

I cut the previous paragraphs for a reason of which should be self evident once you visit the websites. Mr. Schoeller tries to portray himself as a non political person, however he has years of being in the trenches so to speak. This compliance will bid well for him in the party once he is elected. Any ideas he has of changing Jefferson City will evaporate quickly.
Mr Schoolcraft is endorsed by all the various democratic strongholds so to post these is only citing the obvious. I'm not aware of any union organization that doesn't support a democrat. In the above paragraphs he says he doesn't believe in handouts however in the paragraph prior he espouses a belief that makes me cringe. "There are five things that a representative should try to ensure for everyone they represent. Affordable health care, a quality education, a good paying job, shelter, and food."
Sounds to me like Jaime can't figure out which side he is on less government or more government.
I'm a business owner here in Springfield and have been for the last eight years. When we first moved to Missouri we settled down in Willard for the first couple of years. It was a nice area but the cost related to housing and the like was a little out of line with the average income in this area.
We relocated to Springfield and decided to purchase a home on the north end of town.

I represent the unspoken here in the 139th, these are the people that are fed up with not only with politicians but of government all together. I was a strong supporter of getting the city of Springfield audited and worked on the weekends gathering signatures to make sure the hardworking taxpayers of this city had a voice.

I am the ONLY candidate that will work tirelessly to ensure government takes the proper steps to SHRINK in size. Every industry in America has lay-offs except those in government and those funded by government. It is time that government become more in line with those that support the leviathan.
I'm pro-life, pro 2nd amendment, pro homeschooling(I want to see a deduction to compensate for the cost of this equal to the amount per student in government education). I'm pro business and support the community with volunteering on a street clean-up and a stream clean-up. Volunteering to help the community in which I live, not having government force some clean-up organization down my throat.

Tom Martz
139th state representative candidate