Wednesday, October 18, 2006

Egregious Earmark of the Week:

you'll notice that only 31 votes against this type of spending and by the way Mr. Bush signed it into law. Conservative administration my @$$.

The flow of the status quo continues. I would bet my lunch money that Rep Paul(TX), Rep Flake(AZ), and Rep Pence(IN) all voted against this type of wasteful spending.

Taxes & Spending

$100,000 to Fix Orange Show Stadium

by Rep. Jeff Flake
Posted Oct 18, 2006

Earmark Reform: Conservatives Await Next Steps

Pork for Defense

How Much Is a Year of Life Worth?

Egregious Earmark of the Week:
$100,000 to Corona, Calif., Old City Hall

Rep. Jeff Flake (R.-Ariz.) has spotted this week's egregious earmark buried in the Transportation-Treasury-HUD appropriations bill (H.R. 3058) for fiscal year 2006.

The noteworthy pork project comes to the grand total of $100,000 allotted to the city of San Bernardino, Calif., for making renovations to the National Orange Show Stadium.

"When is Congress going to have the juice to say 'no' to squeezing taxpayers?" said Flake.

The House passed the bill with a vote of 392-31 and the Senate sent it through without one vote of opposition. It was signed into law by President Bush on November 30, 2005.

Mr. Flake represents the 6th District of Arizona in the U.S. House of Representatives. He serves on the Committee on the Judiciary, the Committee on International Relations and the Committee on Resources.

Conservatives Will Regret Putting Dems in Power

Once more we have a pontificator that astounds us with a prediction that says if you stay home and don't vote republican you have elected a democrat. I'm so sick and tired of this political posturing.

I wonder if baseball fans would only like to be able to watch the NY Yankees playing the Florida Marlins every game during baseball season ands then again for the World Series???

How about Jeff Gordon and Dale Earnhardt Jr. racing every NASCAR race with only them on the track??

The Pittsburgh Steelers playing the Seattle Seahawks for 16 weeks straight then the 3 playoff games and then again for the Super Bowl??

I would bet viewership and fan attendance would drop drastically in a matter of weeks except for the HARDCORE fan, of which even they would get bored with it. However in politics we have the exact stupidity going on, republicans and democrats, democrats and republicans. They have become the same side of a coin and they have made it so only they get media attention. I wonder if the Marlins would like it if the Yankees received all the draft choices??

The McTalenskill infomercial here in MO was a classic example. 4 candidates, 2 of which were ALLOWED on the podium to voice their opinion. In the sporting world dynasties come crumbling down every few years so they can be rebuilt. In politics when the political parties control the news media and every media outlet viewed by the mindnumb masses those that could possibly challenge the dynasties aren't even allowed to be on the playing field.

I'm Tom Martz the best candidate for the 139th district in MO.
secure your freedoms by voting Libertarian

October 18, 2006

By Tony Blankley

John Stuart Mill once famously called the British Tories "The Stupid Party." From time to time since then, the Tory's American cousin, the Republican Party, has also earned that moniker. Now may be one of those moments. If current polls and anecdotes are to be believed, there may be a million or two conservative Republicans who are planning to not vote this November.

Of course, Mill also said, "A person may cause evil to others not only by his actions but also by his inaction, and in either case he is justly accountable to them for the injury."

Apparently, these anticipated conservative non-voters are annoyed with Republican imperfection. They are disheartened, disappointed, disillusioned, distempered, and dismal -- and thus plan to dis the party that better advances conservative principles in government.

They appear to have fallen victim to the false syllogism: 1) Something must be done; 2) not voting is something; therefore, 3) I will not vote. Of course the fallacy of the syllogism is that the second category could be anything. For example, No. 2 could as well read "eating dog excrement is something."

I rather suspect that they will feel about the same afterward, whether they chose the non-voting option or the scatological one. They are both equally illogical -- and repulsive -- and would deserve the moniker "Stupid."

Here are some telltale signs of the sort of person who would vote (or not vote) to cause the election of a party that would act to defeat every value and interest he holds dear (merely because the party that will at least try to advance most of those issues has not done as well as he might have hoped):

1) When offered by a car dealer 25 percent off on a car, he insists on paying the full factory-recommended retail sticker price -- because he is damned if he will accept 25 percent when he deserves 30 percent off.

2) When the prettiest cheerleader asks the nerd to take her to the prom, he turns her down -- just because he can.

3) When stopped for doing 70 in a 65 zone, he tells the trooper that's not possible because he had the cruise control set on 90 -- he just resents being falsely charged.

4) When diagnosed with a serious illness, he promptly cancels his medical insurance -- in order to save the cost of premium payments to help pay for the upcoming hospital stay.

A conservative would have to be just that stupid to stay home on Nov. 7. I have heard it put around that the Republicans need a couple of years in the wilderness to regain their conservative bearings.

While turning over the Congress to the Pelosi/Kennedy mob for even two years would be recklessly irresponsible -- particularly during a dangerous war-- there is no assurance the wilderness years would last only 24 months.

In 1954, the Democrats, led by the great Sam Rayburn, retook the House after control had seesawed back and forth for 10 years (1944-Democrat; 1946-Republican; 1948-Democrat; 1950-Democrat; 1952-Republican; 1954-Democrat)

Sam Rayburn (one of the shrewdest politicians ever to play the game) was so sure that the Republicans would take back the House in the Eisenhower re-election year of 1956, that when he became Speaker after the 1954 election, he didn't even bother to move his furniture back to the better office suite occupied by Joe Martin (the Republican Speaker who returned to Minority leader status after the 1954 Republican loss.) They decided to keep their previous office spaces rather than go through the bother of moving across the hall.

As it turned out, the Republicans didn't re-take a majority of the House for 40 years (The Gingrich-led election of 1994). So for 40 years the Republican minority leaders got to keep the better office space (that looked out over the majestic Washington Mall), while the Democratic Speakers for 40 years got a view of the parking lot.

I don't care who has the better office space in the future, but any conservative ought to be very concerned about who has the political power in Washington. The Democrats have virtually promised to scandalize the Republican administration (with subpoena and impeachment-seeking oversight hearings) for the next two years -- in preparation for defeating the 2008 Republican presidential nominee.

Moreover, every Democrat who beats a Republican in three weeks will have two years to feather his or her nest, and use the powers of incumbency to defeat his 2008 Republican challenger.

Even more important, in a closely fought 2008 presidential election, every extra Democratic incumbent senator, congressman and governor makes it just a little more likely that the Democratic presidential candidate may win that district or state. All those freshly tuned new Democratic machines will help get out Democratic Party votes for the top of their 2008 ticket.

This current conservative petulance -- if it actually occurs on Nov. 7 -- will increase the chances of electing Hillary, or worse (if such a thing is possible) in 2008.

There is no rational policy or political basis for conservatives not voting. I'm not sure the country can take the current Democratic mob in power for long.

A realist once observed that the history of mankind is little more than the triumph of the heartless over the mindless.

The Democrats are obviously heartless. Conservatives must guard against falling into the category of the mindless. Ignore your heartfelt peevements, use your brains and vote.

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