Monday, January 22, 2007

Thank You

I realize this is quite late, however I would like to thank all those individuals which cast their ballot vote for me during the last election cycle. It gives me hope to know that "others" are aware that the current political system is broken an until you change the faces in politics you'll never change the face of politics.
Our electorate cast most of their votes for Shane Schoeller, during the election cycle Shane became a friend and has remained in contact with me everytime I have sent him an e-mail concerning some whacked out idea being floated in Jeff City. I firmly believe that Shane will represent the interest of this area and when needed to he will oppose the party apparatus should it be contrary to his beliefs.
I look forward to keeping Shane informed of how this area believes that Jeff City may be encroaching on our creator given rights. Shane just like us will stand up for our limited freedoms and individual responsibility that we espouse so dearly.

Give him an opportunity to show what he is made of, we could be pleasantly surprized.