Friday, April 28, 2006

Paying homage to the American taxpayer

On April the 17th I joined others here in Hammondsville with the 'FairTax" rally. I arrived about an hour early so I could get set up for the petition drive to have the city audited. We gathered a few signatures in our effort to bring accountability to our elected leaders.

What I found amusing about this day was the worker ant mentality of the people as they circled the driveway to drop off the tax returns. There was no hostility towards one another and everyone was much maligned about getting in line for their turn at the dropbox. Apparently the government school system has done a rather well job on teaching conformity. On a day when aggression should've been at an all time high the population was rather well mannered.
To a degree I find this trend a little bothersome, has the population become so complacent that handing over 20% or more of your income is considered something that should and has to be done?

Have we become compliant to the HUGE leviathan(GOVERNMENT)?

In watching the display before me I wonder if the GREAT men and women of yesteryear would've had this attitude if government took almost half of what they earned?

Some people jump up and down and hollar and scream to get the attention of people. These types of people are in all political parties. Many people call these types "activist" and the sheer mention of that name has people backing away from the label because of the negative connotation.
We as citizens of this country can only redress government in this manner since trying to evict a sitting member of Congress has almost become impossible if not improbable.
When "we the people"become informed of what government is doing to us and then turn that anger towards our elected officials at the ballot box then we the citizenry will regain the "power" assured us in the Constitution.

With government in control of educating the masses have the people lost the will to fight for what is RIGHTFULLY THEIRS.
Is the endless bickering amoungest the two political parties bringing about an end that people are aware of what their representative is doing? So many people vote the party line with no regard to whether that individual person agrees with their ideology, that we are no longer a nation of individual ideas.

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