Wednesday, May 03, 2006


Over the past several weeks this topic more then any other has captured the essence of the new media, the American public, the blogosphere, and the radio airwaves. I've been quite busy with political surveys in the recent couple of weeks so I haven't been able to make my position known.

I find nothing wrong with immigration, after all some where in my family tree there has to be some immigrants from either Germany or somewhere else within the continent of Europe.
I don't know how my relatives ended up here in the US of A, since I haven't NO way of following my family tree. I grew up in the foster care agencies so unknown parents tend to put a crimp in a family tree.

It is very possible but highly unlikely that they snuck into this nation. There is no common border with the european continent so one had to sail over here. The ports in those days were manned and generally one could work off there passage by performing labor duties on the ship.

The problem I have with the so-called "invasion" from the south, is that we as a nation have set laws on how to gain entry into the country, these laws need to be followed by one and all. As i see it our nation is a large melting pot of different cultures and ethnicities of people all trying to make better lives for ourselves. Is it to much to ask to follow a set of guidelines to not only gain entry into this country, but to also set standards for removal from this country if you snuck in through an unopened door?

The republicans and democrats are going to do anything about this issue, since they both think they benefit from it. The democrats think that Hispandering(a Neal Boortz term)will garner them votes at the polling booths which will finally allow them to garner back control of government. The republicans on the other hand see it as a way to continue to have large donations coming into the coffers by businesses which benefit from having a labor force which won't raise any issues regarding hiring practices or safety issues. The government on the other hand has massive amounts of cash following into the coffers which will never have to be recorded or shown on a balance sheet.

How would it look to have the same SS# collecting revenue by the thousands on an annual basis?

This is money that never has to be given back to the people from which it was taken from. No federal or state tax returns, no SSI benefits, and government can also show a need for entitlement expenditures. My how they have manipulated the general public into believing there is nothing that can be done to solve this issue.

I believe the solution is quite simple, any hispanic worker that wants to work here in the US of A and hasn't the means to pay his entry fee should be able to place their name on an employment list at the border. This database could be handled via an employment agency(private). Employers that need employees to work can submit a form that will allow these workers to gain an employment visa which will only be good for the duration of said project. If an employer should want to hire one of these individuals full time then between the worker and the employer all paperwork to gain citizenship can be filled out and submitted and streamlined so this system would benefit both the individual and the company.
The employer would also pay the employment agency for the hours worked and the employment agency would cut a check to the individual. This way all applicable taxes could be put in trust until the individual returns to his country of origin at the end of the employment visa at which time the money in trust would be returned to the worker. In this manner they wouldn't be paying for services or entitlements that they wouldn't have access to.

It is time that the federal government abides by the Constitution.

Vote 4 Tom
district 139

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