Monday, May 08, 2006

Can the News Leader be trusted?

Last Friday our local talk show radio host held a rally described as a "Pro American Rally." I've been to a few of these events in the past and to be down right honest it consist of average people waving American flags and standing up for what is right.

Our local rag, which our talk show host calls the "fish wrapper" decided to pen this gathering of people as an "anti-immigration rally."
I'm not aware of to many people on this continent as being anti-immigrant, however when we discuss the laws of this nation and those that break the laws of coming here, then that is a different topic.

As a Libertarian I have no qualms with people trying to gain entry into this country to try to better themselves, after all it seems natural to do so. Every country has immigration laws which need to be abided by to make sure the element of people coming across the border are the type of individuals we want here. I'm not being picky but I don't want those that want to drain the generosity of the taxpayer in this country. We have enough welfare deadbeats and we shouldn't import more from other countries.

News Leader("fish wrapper") your completely off base with this story and you should make an official apology to those in attendance at the rally, I won't hold my breathe waiting on it to be published.

Tom Martz
candidate for 139 district

I chose to not allow government to think for me, I vote Libertarian.


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