Monday, May 15, 2006

Highlights of President Bush's Speech

By The Associated Press
The Associated Press
Monday, May 15, 2006; 9:10 PM

-- Highlights of President Bush's speech:


Bush said the United States does not have complete control of its borders and millions of people who have sneaked across the border have stayed in this country, living in the shadows of society.
Since both political parties contributed to this problem is anyone amazed? After all it is a Constitutional duty to defend the borders. I guess congress critters along with the president are extremely to busy spending our money.


Bush said the federal government will pay for up to 6,000 National Guard troops to be deployed to the southern border. They will serve in two-week rotations, meaning that over the course of a year a total of 156,000 troops could be involved. He said Guard units will not be involved in direct law enforcement activities; that duty will be performed by the Border Patrol. Guard units will work in support positions.

In other words they will walk around an look like they are trying to stop the influx of the problem. The National Guard troops should also be involved in the detainment of people until the Border Patrol arrives to handle the arrest.


Bush called for a temporary worker program allowing foreign workers to enter the United States for jobs for a limited period of time. They would be required to return to their home countries at the conclusion of their stay.

Like this has ever worked in my lifetime. What he really means to say is you can come up here an perform work and when that job is over you can blend into our society and once another amnesty program passes you'll be a citizen.


It is against the law to hire an illegal immigrant, and Bush said employers must be held to account for their employees. He said a tamper-proof identification card for every legal foreign worker would help with law enforcement and leave employers with no excuse for violating the law.

This will be a national ID card for everyone, and the amount of information being stored on it will make privacy right groups cringe.


Bush said it is not realistic to deport the millions of people illegally living in the United States. "I believe that illegal immigrants who have roots in our country and want to stay should have to pay a meaningful penalty for breaking the law, to pay their taxes, to learn English and to work in a job for a number of years. People who meet these conditions should be able to apply for citizenship but approval would not be automatic, and they will have to wait in line behind those who played by the rules and followed the law. What I have just described is not amnesty; it is a way for those who have broken the law to pay their debt to society and demonstrate the character that makes a good citizen."

Smoke" pot" GO TO JAIL, break into the country retain your job and eventually you'll become a good productive citizen. It is quite a good idea I had when I donned my hip waders to watch this display of "conservatism"


Bush said that Americans "are bound together by our shared ideals, an appreciation of our history, respect for the flag we fly and an ability to speak and write the English language. English is also the key to unlocking the opportunity of America."

Micheal Savage has been saying it for years; Borders, language, culture. These people don't want to assimilate into our culture they really want to assimilate us in the manner of the Borg on Voyager.

Bush said he was speaking directly to members of the House and Senate in appealing for a comprehensive immigration bill. "All elements of this problem must be addressed together or none of them will be solved at all," he said. The House passed a law-and-order immigration bill that would erect fences along the Mexican border and treat people who sneak across borders as felons to be deported. The Senate began debate Monday on a broader bill.

Check you wallet when this one is done. It could be they may have to raise the debt ceiling again to contain this one within the ballpark. Be very aware of overladen pork in this as well.

I probably wouldn't build a fence but definite security measures would need to be in place quickly, since for years the congress critters with the help of the President has allowed the OATH OF OFFICE to mean exactly NOTHING.

Is ignoring your oath of office an impeachable offense?

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