Tuesday, May 16, 2006

Senators urge farmers to rally behind aid plan

Senators urge farmers to rally behind aid plan

WASHINGTON (Reuters) - U.S. farmers and ranchers should sign electronic petitions to support a Congressional proposal for $4 billion in agricultural disaster aid the White House has vowed to veto, a handful of senators said on Tuesday.

can anyone find the justification for this in the Constitution. Once more we have elected representatives not abiding by the oath of office. The Congress doesn't have the constitutional authority to misappropiate the taxpayers money in this fashion. This is why the farmers are urged to have crop insurance.

The Senate approved the aid as part of a $108.9 billion spending bill to help pay for the war in
Iraq. But the White House has threatened a veto because of the disaster aid and $10 billion in other spending it does not want.

Just how does crop insurance help the war in Iraq? Can you spell special interest program to constituents? Sorry readers but this is clearly a republican sponsored bill with democrat undertones.

House and Senate negotiators still must write a final version of the bill.

Democratic Sens. Byron Dorgan of North Dakota, Blanche Lincoln of Arkansas and Mark Dayton of Minnesota urged producers to sign the on-line petition.
Well at least we have mention of the democrat offenders. I wonder why no news media types will ask them where they garner the authority to do this type of spending?

"We have a pretty stiff test ahead of us," Dorgan said, to keep the disaster aid in the spending bill and prevent a veto. "We're here to encourage farmers across the country (to sign the petition). This is important."
Farmers just like the elderly rely on subsidies to make a living. I guess when business gets hard I as well should approach congress for my handout. Just kidding I can do for myself, I don't need government thinking for me.

Lincoln said it was possible that negotiations over the final version of the bill would not begin until June.

At least were safe for a few more days, grab a hold of your wallet after that though. There will be no stopping this spending until each and everyone of them is kicked out of office.

"I don't know when conferees will meet," said Dorgan, one of the Senate negotiators. He suggested House Republicans were stalling as a prelude to trying to kill Senate-backed provisions.

At this point then I'm happy we still have republicans that realize the money isn't theirs to spend willy nilly. Could be the HoR just wants to appropiate it some where else.

The petition was available at Dorgan's Web site, http://dorgan.senate.gov and also on Dayton's site, http://dayton.senate.gov. Dorgan said he expected other senators would put the petition on their sites too.

I recommend going to these sites and explaining to these people why the vast majority of people are against this type of spending.

Along with offering aid to producers on losses that exceed 35 percent, the bill would give grain, cotton and soybean growers a payment to offset rising energy prices.

Are they going to give the Owner operator truck driver one of these subsidies as well? Without trucks America stops. That is not even up for debate, should the American truckdriver shut down for 3 straight days our economy would be in the toilet. These trucking companies operate on a limited profit margin and I'm sure rising fuel cost is hurting the truckdriver/owner just as much as it is the farmer.
"general welfare" would mean all those that have been hampered by the high energy cost, not just a select few.

You want to see change in the political machine, then kick out the old and in with the new.
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