Monday, August 07, 2006


for years most republicans tried to distance themselves from the U.N. for obvisous reasons. It is an organization which is hell bent on controlling the world. The democrats like this as it fits into the social agenda of which guides the party.

the party that baffled me to some extend was the complaince with the party leaders and the mainstream republicans. this notion however has subsided since I've come to the conclusion that the current administration is using the U.N. resolutions as the scapegoat for going into Iraq.
No longer can many mainstream republicans, nor can the party faithful object to the status of the U.N. after all they used it quite nicely to deflect some criticism with our current quagmire.

the light has been shown on the party of principle and we have learned they have none, which means the faithful that don't agree with the U.N. position should either not vote or vote third party right?? not a chance they will continue to support their party, since people like me are deemed conspiracy theorist. it isn't until its too late that we find out post like these were correct.

government, government schooling and a complaint media have dumbed down a whole generation and a half of the citizens. is it too late to retrieve "our" country from the ruins of which it is headed?? for my kids sake I hope so.

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