Sunday, August 06, 2006

Contractors group supports tax

This is a no brainer. An organization that receives fees from the very same people that are going to be bidding on these contracts for so called improvements only makes sense. The city has already proven it is NOT to be trusted with any funds let alone supplying them with MORE.
Sorry but if the citizenry of this area willingly bows over and allows this to happen then they deserve NO less representation then they get. Sometimes I wonder if the people in this area ACTUALLY pay attention to the matters at hand, or are they to busy trying to get little Johnny and Suzy to be world class athletes in a town not known for its athletic prowess.
The people of this area need to wake up and observe the people they place into office. We the people are being lied to, ripped off and NO ONE seems to care. Well I care and will carry that voice to Jeff City to stop the abuses of government. I am but one voice but together we can and will be HEARD.

The Board of Directors of Springfield Contractors Association encourages the citizens of Greene County to "vote yes, to continue your parks' success" and approve the proposed quarter-cent sales tax on Aug. 8 ballot.

The sales tax is expected to raise approximately $50 million over the next five years. These funds will be used to continue to improve existing parks and provide new parks in under-served areas of Greene County.

Besides the direct economic benefit a vibrant and comprehensive parks system provides by serving our citizens and attracting visitors, the $50 million spent to improve our quality of life will also turn over in our hands to deliver about $150 million in impact of dollars spent in our community.

Several necessary water quality projects have been designed into the overall parks plan. Improving our water quality with the same dollars we use to improve our parks is good use of taxpayer money.

The comprehensive details of the planned improvements are available at

We encourage you to find the answers to any questions you might have and most important: Go vote yes on Aug. 8.

Sheryl Letterman, Springfield The author is the executive director of the Springfield Contractors Association

Make a break from politics as usual, support third party candidates and throw out the people that refuse to listen to the voice of the people.

Vote Libertarian
Tom Martz
candidate 139th district

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