Tuesday, August 22, 2006

a documentry??

I watched the Spike Lee film last night on HBO called "When the Levee's Broke" and it enforced my opinion that people have been led to believe and educated likewise that the job of the federal government is to help those in need no matter what.

Was this a nation tradegy?? YES
Was the city forewarned that this could happen?? YES
Does the city sit in a flood plain?? YES
Did any of the local officials go above and beyond the call of duty to avert this problem?? it doesn't appear to be so, oh sure there are individuals which rose to the occasion but it appears many sat back and waited for government to help.

During Mr. Lee's interview which can be read at the above mentioned link, I find it quite humorous that he laments that only a 1/4 of the actual population is back within the city. Many of these individuals are spaced out in the other continental states living off of the taxpayers dollars just like many of them were doing while living in New Orleans.
When government subsidizes a bad behavior more of the same ensues.

By the way it is much simplier to blame the federal government then it is to blame Ray "I'm not going to drive the bus" Nagin

That is my opinion and I'll stick with it until shown otherwise.

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