Tuesday, August 22, 2006

70 some days to go

At this point I will concentrate more on my oppenents views compared to my own. Last night I spent extensive time reviewing the positions that both my opponents have taken, and I must admit I was quite confused when I got finished.
Both of them seem to have some governmental solution to our problems, then they both lament of how much government intercedes into our lives.

All three of us are second amendment types and believe the citizenry should be allowed to own firearms. I will take this a step further and proclaim that any law abiding citizen should be allowed to purchase any firearm made which is legal in the United States. In this manner the government actually has to pass legislation to prevent "certain" firearms from being allowed in the country. It is quite hard to hide behind this position.

Mr. Schoolcraft says he is pro-choice but says that through the use of government programs we can change the tide of abortion on demand.

Mr. Schoeller is pro-life and even received the nod from the organization which this position is quite important.

I am pro-life, no organization is going to endorse a third party candidate, my feeling weren't hurt. On some issues I completely disagree with the Pro-Life organization. I'm against any government expenditures whether they support the life or choice movement makes no difference to me. I also firmly believe this was a states rights issue not one of the federal government. We used to have 50 sovereign states which could govern the peoples residing within the states boundries, no more however as the fed reigns supreme.

change the face of politics and vote only third party candidates.

Tom Martz

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