Monday, June 05, 2006

Things that will always bother me

This is not meant to include all people into these groups, however in most cases the vast majority will fit the description.


why do republicans still believe that the party is the party of smaller government

why democrats are determined to bring socialism to our way of life

why libertarians think it is OK to use government services(I don't care if your paying taxes)

how people can be offended at a piece of paper because it contains an essence of morality.

why there are no species of gay animals

why both political parties of power believe defending the Constitution of the US is optional

why do parents go out of there way to try to make there children wards of the state with problems that are mostly behavioral.(by today's definition). ie.. ADHD, ADD, Bipolar, Autism
before you jump to conclusions I have one son that can and would've been diagnosed as autistic, the other had been diagnosed ADHD. It is truly amazing what a change in diet and close parenting can do to alleviate these issues.

why people that complain of weight problems make frequent trips to the buffet line

why alcoholics and smokers are said to have an addiction. I've had problems with both but since have kicked both habits. It's called WILL POWER.

why people have children they can't afford

why parents can't teach there children to accept responsibility for their actions and why parent don't accept responsibility for how they raise the children.

why people get married only to get divorced if life becomes to hard. Yes long term marriages have had problems as well, they just get worked through.

why Rush thinks he's correct over 98% of the time, it's easy to do when you cover items that are already in your court.

why people of religion feel compelled to use government to create a perfect role model society.

how children born before the 70's managed to stay alive when government wasn't mandating everything.

why people think there vote belongs to either the democrats or republicans

why people will order the jumbo size burger and fries then order a diet coke/pepsi.

I have more of these but I would like to save some for later

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