Saturday, June 03, 2006

An eventful weekend

This weekend I had the pleasure of dining with Mr. Neal Boortz. This event was hosted by our local talk radio affliate KSGF 1260 AM and 104.1 FM. The event was held at Hickok's Restaurant here in downtown Springfield in the third floor loft. I arrived about 15 minutes early to find approximately 50 or so people had already arrived. There was an open cash only bar, which since I don't drink adult beverages anymore, I avoided it and found the area where the iced tea was being served.
The radio station made sure each attendee received the latest edition of the paperback version of the FairTax book. I already had the hard bound cover but hey a book that I could loan out to others to bring them on board with the idea. I found Mr. Boortz and asked him to sign my book since everyone else was doing the same. I also discovered that I would be sitting at the same table as Neal which would allow for some delighteful conversation. At the table there was five individuals and Neal. Mary and Elizabeth were mother and daughter, Melissa attended the event solo as did Dave and I.

Sitting at the same table as Neal allowed for various conversations to turn into many topics since Neal can't stay on topic longer then 3 or 4 minutes, which his radio show is built on. During dinner we discussed various political issues and how to get LP candidates to become more news worthy.
I believe we have a great slate of candidates this year for various local and state offices and we need to get the message across that we can make a difference in political circles when elected. Too many people today believe that there vote either belongs to the republican or democrat candidate, when in all reality your vote belongs to you. You should vote for the candidate that best represents your ideology and avoid the party line voting process.

I will work tirelessly to bring Constitutional government back to Missouri.

My platform will consist of lower taxes on all individuals and companies that actually pay taxes, less restrictions on businesses within the state boundry.

I am very pro family since I myself have been married for twenty years and have two teenage sons. My wife and I have home schooled both of our children almost since they were able to walk.

I am comfortable enough with my religion that I understand that there are people that don't believe in the bible or any religious dogma. I will not use governmental force to create legislation to force compliance of any religious belief with these individuals.

I consider myself a pro-life candidate, however I won't use governemt to try to change anything relating to Roe vs Wade without constitutional considerations.
I don't believe government should be funding any type of abortion nor do I believe government should be funding any type of abstinence programs. There are plenty of private organizations that use private funding to educate people seeking the education. Parents need to take a more active role in educating their children, instead of thinking the large bureaucratic babysitting service will do it for them.
Parents it isn't the governments job to teach your children about religion or sex, nor is it the job of government to babysit your children while your working to afford the large amount of debt that society seems to choose to endeavor into.

We as a government body shouldn't be forcing anyone into compliance on matters that aren't governmental. In recent years local authorities have used government force and strong arm tactics to force compliance of the Breathe Easy Missouri program.
As a non smoker I do like the FACT that I can walk into a restaurant and enjoy my food without the lingering cigarette smoke, however that should have been a decision for the business owner not government. I would bet many businesses would've determined on there own whether they had more smoking clients or non-smoking. It isn't up to the government to tell these business owners how to run their PRIVATE business.
A sign that hung on my own office door stated the following "I choose to make this establishment a non smoking one before government mandates I do so."
That is exactly how easy it is for business to regulate itself. I as a consumer can better regulate business by choosing not to spend my dollars there. I do this already with Wal-Mart. The great business uses governmental force and eminent domain to take property from individual land owners so they can build there stores for the masses. I staunchly oppose eminent domain being used for this purpose and I won't support anyone that does business that way.
Stand up for what is RIGHT and put a true proven constitutionalist in public office. I will be the first person to resign should I vote for something that would be against the writing of the constitution, unlike the current crop of politicians that use the document for shanty paper.

state representative district 139

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