Tuesday, April 11, 2006

it's for the children

to set the stage it was quite a quiet election and not a lot of hoopla over any of the ballot measures.

The voters have approved a 96.5 MILLION DOLLAR bond measure for repairs to be made to the schools and air conditioning. The benefactors of this measure were so quiet leading up to this election that you wouldn't have even know there was a tax increase measure on the ballot. Yes, I call it a tax increase; because, when the payments come due we will be hit with a tax increase to pay for it. I watched it happen year after year in California.
The voters would get talked into a ballot measure for a bond issue, after all it isn't a tax increase, to support pet projects then when the bill came due a tax increase was implemented to cover the cost. It took a few years but the populace started to figure this bait and switch out and told the politicians NO MORE TAXES. The politicians figured out how to get around this as well. They would ONLY apply this new levy to newly built homes in the area. The masses jumped at the chance to pass a tax increase on unsuspecting home buyers, to the point that large developers were asking for back room deals so the newly instituted tax wouldn't effect thier development.

The voters of John Q Hammondsville were snuckered by the silence and passed a measure that they believed was for the benefit of the children that wouldn't come back and hit them in the pocketbook. I long for the day when the electorate takes the job of these votes more seriously and actually researches how this is going to effect not only them, but the neighbors and the children that aren't quite tax paying age yet.
Almost by a two to one margin this went through. in a few years when the people complain about paying higher taxes NO ONE will remember this "bond measure" and what actually happened to the money.

If you are happy with the status quo, vote for your republican and democrat candidates. If you want CHANGE


next post will contain my views on the so-called conspiracy theories and those that disagree with the "official" government story.

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