Friday, April 14, 2006

the city audit buzz

It seems like we are now firing on all cylinders. Peoples from many different organizations are rallying around this effort to have the city of Springfield audited.

Why you may ask would people want to have the city entity audited?

It seems the leaders of the city have made numerous promises in the past, by delaying pay raises or trading pay raises for other like minded services. These promises are now due and the city doesn't have the money to pay for these promises.
City Utilities which operates the local water treatment plant has had three pumps fail in the recent weeks that has put the water suppply system in jeopardy. The failure of these pumps can be narrowed down to be overworked equipment or lack of proper maintenance.
Both of these scenarios could've been avoided by having a spare pump or replacement parts on hand in case of an emergency.

I own a water treatment company in town and I have spare parts and equipment in case I have a customer which has a unit that fails to work. To my way of thinking this makes sense and hopefully this would also make sense to CU. Apparently not!!!!!!

And you wonder why we want to have the city audit. Where is this almost $213 million dollars going?
The cost of this audit is going to cost every man, woman, and child living in Springfield a grand total of $.53, to not have this audit done is costing over $24,000 an hour.

The city leaders will have you believing that the city is audited by KPMG every single year and everything is just fine. What the city doesn't tell you is that this so called "audit" is only balancing the checkbook. The city supplies the numbers and the receipts so therefore the books should balance.
The state will actually start asking the city leaders WHY this money is being spend in certain areas.
I ponder to think WHY the city leaders are so opposed to this audit? They say it is a waste of $$$$$$$$$$, but anytime the bureaucracy of government is questioned the better the people are.
These very same people that don't want the books opened for all to see
would tell us that we should be open to the city leaders after all the only people that scoff at these ideas are people that are hiding something.
Sorry city leaders you can't play both sides of the court at the same time.

Only you can change politics by VOTING
"I choose to think for myself, therefore I vote Libertarian.

Tom Martz
Candidate for 139th


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