Saturday, August 05, 2006

Stay out of our business


BRAVO Bill there really isn't to much I could add to this. Nice to see that others are picking up on the "fish wrapper" and there attempt at a nanny complex. This area is Christian central and most churches don't want gambling this close, it corrupts people you know!!
I seen corrupt politicians, business owners, people in general, and corrupt clergy, but don't ever call them out on it.
Again Bill you have your finger on the pulse of common sense thinking on this issue.

What does an editorial writer for the paper know about the needs or options of our community? "Find a way to ride the wave of success of Branson," were his words. Wake up to the facts. Branson Landing was built and continues to be built by taxpayer funding, i.e., Tax-Increment Financing.

The bills aren't in yet, the failure of anything in the Landing will bring the costs to a head. Who will end up paying? The taxpayers of Branson and Taney County.

Where did the money to fight our first venture to get gambling come from? A businessman who was afraid that the boat would take money away from his multiple ventures. That same person also fought to keep NASCAR from building a track in Hollister for the same reasons. Think about how many people that would have brought to the area!

Let's look at the facts. Rockaway Beach needs a break. Manufacturing isn't an option because of limited space.

The cost of the gambling boat will be paid 100 percent by the developer, not the taxpayers. More than 1,000 construction jobs to build the casino and 700 to 900 year-round jobs with benefits would be created. The tax money generated would benefit Rockaway Beach, Taney County and the state.

Lastly, bus tours come to Branson in droves, they stay in Branson for three days, leave and go to Tunica for the next two days. Why not keep it all here?

I can assure you that no one will be dragged kicking and screaming into the casino.

Mr. Editor, get your facts together before you try to tell us how to run our community.

Bill Petrovic, Rockaway Beach

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