Thursday, July 27, 2006

Report: Missing court funds top $1 million

I wonder if our esteemed City Council still believes it is a waste of money for the citizens of Springfield to see the city get a REAL AUDIT.

I guess we should also demand a refund from KPMG since there auditing procedures didn't catch this missing cash. I wonder if KPMG also audits the Springfield Government School System as well?? After all our government school system misplaced over five million dollars a few years back, and when the voters said NO to a tax increase for the schools this five million was found hiding under a desk drawer some where in the administration office.

To those of you that don't believe the city should be audited, well if this was YOUR million dollars you want it back wouldn't you??

Report: Missing court funds top $1 million

Funds missing from SpringfieldÂ’s Municipal Court are now estimated at $1 million or more.

The new figure — more than double previous estimates — was announced this afternoon in a report released by the city manager’s office.

The report summarizes the cityÂ’s monthlong administrative investigation of the suspected embezzlement, which was discovered in mid-June.

The investigation included the services of a certified forensics examiner, who audited the courtÂ’s financial records dating from Jan. 1, 2000, to June 13 of this year. The new estimate comes from this examinerÂ’s findings. The city has now asked the examiner to expand the scope of the investigation to Jan. 1, 1997.

“The discredit this has caused, and will continue to cause the Court and the City of Springfield, is enormous,” the report reads. “It will be extremely difficult to repair the damage that has been caused from this incident, as well as mend the public trust.”

A criminal investigation, led by the Springfield Police Department, is ongoing, aided by the forensics examiner. A former court employee was arrested and released June 23 on suspicion of felony stealing. No charges have been filed.

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