Monday, May 22, 2006

FBI Raid Angers Some on Hill

There are two different sources on this story which is why both are linked. If this doesn't give you enough courage to cast your ballot for someone other then a democrat or a republican(let's not forget Jack Abramoff or Mr. "Duke" Cunningham)nothing will.
The total corruption of members of both parties flies in the face of those of us that work hard play by the rules and achieve success even tho' BIG BROTHER is trying his damnest to hold us back.

I hold NO allegiances to anyone or any group. My campaign is self funded. Neither of my businesses have benefited in any manner from government regulation.
I can be trusted to bring FISCAL responsibility back to Jeff City, and bring back constitutional compliance.

state house district # 139


Mon May 22 2006 10:00:41 ET

Saturday nightÂ’s FBI raid on the office of Rep. William Jefferson
(D-La.) surprised and angered House officials, who were not told that
the Rayburn House Office Building search was to take place until one
hour beforehand, offering the latest sign that federal prosecutors are
using increasingly aggressive tactics in their pursuit of allegedly
corrupt lawmakers.

This is believed to be the first-ever FBI raid on a Congressional
office, ROLL CALL reports.

Documents filed in support of the search show that the Justice
Department is assembling a wide-ranging case against the veteran
Democratic lawmaker.

At this time, Jefferson is being investigated for bribery, wire fraud,
bribery of a foreign official and conspiracy to bribe foreign officials,
according to an affidavit filed by an FBI agent in support of the search

But the Justice Department and FBI agents are also looking at “least
seven other schemes in which Congressman Jefferson sought things of
value” in return for official acts, the affidavit states.

That suggests that additional avenues for prosecuting Jefferson could be
revealed soon. The FBI has two confidential witnesses who are offering
testimony against Jefferson, as well as undercover audio and video tapes
of him allegedly asking for and receiving bribes worth potentially
millions of dollars in exchange for his help in putting together African
telecommunications deals for U.S. firms, according to the affidavit.

On one videotape, the FBI filmed Jefferson allegedly receiving $100,000
in cash from one of their cooperating witnesses. Most of the money was
later recovered in a raid of Jefferson¹s home, reports ROLL CALL's John

Jefferson and his family members allegedly received payments from both
sides of the telecom deals, with money coming from the American and
Nigerian firms through companies controlled by the Jeffersons, his two
brothers and son-in-law, according to the FBI affidavit.


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