Sunday, April 16, 2006

putting caps on election spending

Have you ever wondered why politicians will spend 20 to 30 times more money then the job actually pays?
Does it make sense for a person to spend 1 million dollars to get elected to a job that pays $35,000 annually?
Should there be spending caps placed on spending for an elected seat?

I believe there should!!!!

How else do the individuals get political power back from the politicians?
Imagine if you would a person running for office only being allowed to spend the equivalent of a years salary at that political job on their campaign?
Would other people be willing to or at least afford to be able to run a political campaign?

I would muster a guess at yes. The average person knows it cost at least 20 times more money to be elected then what they will make in a full term of their elected position.

Does the thirst for this POWER drive one to lose sanity of the obvious. In order to get this type of money into your political campaign coffers, YOU will OWE many favors to many people.
I won't be spending myself into oblivion just to get elected into the state HoR, but I can and will do my duty to state and individual just as well as the HIGH dollar candidates.
I don't believe money in campaigns does anything but make a candidate beholden to those that have filled the campaign coffers.

NFL, NBA, NHL, just about every major sporting series has spending caps in place to make the playing field more competitive. I disagree with this thought process for individual sports but it seems to work and the owners of each team have agreed to these demands and therefore it wasn't demanded of them to be compliant. Even NASCAR is limited teams to ownership of 4 cars and they are actually going to tell the teams what type of car body will be used. I'm a huge NASCAR fan and I can see how NASCAR, the sanctioning body, is starting to mirror the federal government. Be compliant or else, imagine the NFL telling teams how many of each individual position they must carry on the roster.

Sorry for the off track. I believe spending caps on campaigns would be a good idea and it would allow the individual to have more control over the elected official. An elected official can raise as much money as they want, however there would be strict guidelines on how much could be spent on a campaign depending on the position the individual is seeking.

I don't have the hardcore numbers for this idea yet but it is gathering steam inside my head.

Granted I firmly realize that the 1st amendment and the SCOTUS has ruled that spending money is the equivalent to free speech. I've also come to realize that term limits aren't defined in the Constitution and then should therefore be ruled unconstitutional.
The people of the United States need to rise up and make there voices heard.

only you can change the politics of normalcy VOTE

tom martz

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